Engaged: Kyle & Lauren

How did you two meet?
K: We met at a popular bar that was frequented by Greek life during the summer of 2011. One of her sorority sisters, Cortnee Jo introduced us that night. I first saw Lauren earlier in the night but couldn’t find the nerve to go up and talk to her and thankfully Cortnee was there or I would have probably never spoken to Lauren. I had known Cortnee from the semester prior through our Bio Lab.

L: I was out with a group of friends in San Antonio one night in June 2011. My friend Cortnee grabbed my hand, and said there was someone she wanted me to meet. She walked me over and introduced me to Kyle. She told me later that she had run into him on our way into the bar, and he had asked about me. When he introduced himself, I was charmed by his slightly southern accent. We hit it off instantly, he was incredibly handsome, funny, and easy to talk to, (and I am REALLY awkward so that’s a big deal). We exchanged number and immediately began talking and getting to know each other.

Describe the proposal.
K: Well I had been planning to propose for months. I was struggling with finding the exact way to do it, until one day it just clicked. Lauren's students in her 4th grade class absolutely love her. Everyone in that school loves her. so why not do it in front of her class towards the end of the day? The day I did it was our 5 year anniversary so she was already a little suspicious but proposing at her school was something she DID NOT see coming. I had the help of another 4th grade teacher on her team and her principal. I notified both of my plans a month ahead of time and even had to keep the ring hidden for a month which was one of the hardest things to do. With the help of her 4th grade team and administration, I completed surprised her while she was giving a lesson on “Cause and Effect.” Couldn’t have been a better day! 

L: I had a feeling Kyle would propose on our five-year anniversary, because he dropped quite a few hints for a while, like saying, “Today is going to be the best day of our lives.” It was Crazy Hat Day at the elementary school I work at, but Kyle had convinced me to dress up instead because it was special day. I was still thinking he was going to surprise me in some way on the way home on that evening. Towards the end of the day, my two assistant principals came into my room pretending to be checking in. I continued teaching, and just as I called on a student to answer a question, one of my coworkers walked in with a sign that said WILL. I immediately realized what was coming and I began crying/laughing as my fellow teachers (one of which is a bridesmaid) and my principal walked in with YOU, MARRY, and ME? signs. Kyle walked in dressed up, with a dozen red roses, and cookies for the kids. He knelt on one knee and I honestly could never tell you what he said but I know I said yes. When we watched the video and I was able to hear everything, I cried for about twenty minutes.

What do you love most about each other?
K: What I love most about Lauren is her ability to always make my day better. She knows how to make me laugh and the size of her heart is immeasurable. I can be a difficult person to work with sometimes and she never ceases to amaze me with her patience and her love.

L: I love how much Kyle makes me laugh. We are always goofy and honestly weird. We have so much fun together no matter the circumstances. I can 100% be myself, and he even laughs at my corny jokes. I truly feel I have found my other half in Kyle. He is my best friend, and I am so lucky to have found such a kindhearted soul to share my life with.