Travel: Portland

I can't remember the first time I heard that Portland is just like AustinI just remember rolling my eyes. Psh, what? How could any other city even compare to my beloved ATX? Then when I discovered their slogan was the same as ours, I knew I had no other choice but to go and see for myself. I can now confirm that, yes, we are twin cities at heart (in regards to culture). Hipsters, funky thrift shops, coffee, craft beer, beards, tattoos, public art, people asking if their pizza is gluten-free, or waiting way too long in line for donuts... There were so many times I'd catch myself thinking, That's so Austin. It felt like home.

Personal: @512bites

So I've started a new venture with something I've been passionate about since I was born: food! Austin is made of mostly unique, locally owned places to eat and drinknew restaurants and food trucks and bars are sprouting up here all the time! It's the best. Seriously, locals will judge you if you frequent chain restaurants; like, why would you do that when you have so many better options? I've lived here for 7 years and haven't even begun to scratch the surface. 

Since I enjoy going out to eat a lot, I decided to combine my love for Austin food and content creating in one and boom! 512 Bites was born. For you non-Austinites, 512 is our area code in case that wasn't clear, haha. If you want to keep up with my food adventures in ATX (or even if you just love staring at photos of food like me), I would adore you forever if you gave me a follow! I promise not to spam your Instagram feeds. ;)

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Personal: Around Austin

I love Austin more than I love most things. The people, the food, the weather, the style, the all-around vibe, the countless things to do... I'm a complete snob about this city, I'll admit. Sure, Austin is changing everyday, but after all these years I think its core has always stayed authentic. I'm also lucky to live in such a photogenic city; these are just a few of my favorite snaps taken lately:

Travel: Diagon Alley

I first went to Harry Potter World back in 2011, and it genuinely took my breath away! I remember thinking, They'll never be able to top this. Then a short while later it was announced that they would be expanding the park into Diagon Alley, so now you have to buy two separate tickets if you want to go to both parks; those clever jerks. My favorite part about these HP theme parks is seeing both kids and adults sporting what House they believe they belong in; we may each identify differently, but together we're all just a bunch of Harry Potter obsessed geeksmy kinda people, basically. Anyway, Diagon Alley was amazing (as I knew it would be); here are the photos that don't do it justice.

Personal: Apartment

As you can see, I'm a big fan of succulents. I mean, who isn't these days? And I'm not embarrassed to let y'all know that they are all fake. Yup. And literally none of my friends were able to tell the difference. haha. Other than "I like succulents", I'm not sure how else to describe my home decor style. I have an affinity for all things rustic and whimsy and desert-like (the home decor section of Urban Outfitters is a great example of this), but I also love when places look sleek and bright and classy. I tried to implement elements of each into my apartment. I know it's not exactly "Pinterest worthy", but it's home.