Just Because: Alex & Theo

The last time I took Alex & Theo's picture was a few months ago when I went to visit them at their apartment, but this time I wanted to go somewhere with a way more appealing background. Butler Park is my favorite place to go after my run around Town Lake; it has such a beautiful view of the city! I had to take advantage of it. 

Love: Sheyna & Andre Engagement Party

This past weekend was my friends' engagement party, and they asked me to take photos for the occasion. Indoor shooting is not my forte, but I think the photos turned out pretty cute! I'm definitely still learning though. In a few months I'll be taking their actual engagement photos which I'm even more excited for! Until then, here are some fun shots from their party:

Travel: Portland

I can't remember the first time I heard that Portland is just like AustinI just remember rolling my eyes. Psh, what? How could any other city even compare to my beloved ATX? Then when I discovered their slogan was the same as ours, I knew I had no other choice but to go and see for myself. I can now confirm that, yes, we are twin cities at heart (in regards to culture). Hipsters, funky thrift shops, coffee, craft beer, beards, tattoos, public art, people asking if their pizza is gluten-free, or waiting way too long in line for donuts... There were so many times I'd catch myself thinking, That's so Austin. It felt like home.

Newborn: Lila

A lot of my friends are getting engaged and married recently, but I've only had one close friend take on the next big phase in life: having a baby. Lila was born a few days after I left for a 6 week trip to Europe, so I wasn't able to see her right away which was such a bummer. When I got back, I made plans with my friend Lauren and finally got to meet her baby girl who was just the most precious thing ever. I can't wait to do more shoots with her in the future!

Seniors: Susie

I got way more into portrait photography a couple years after all my friends and I had already graduated from college, so the amount of people I knew who needed senior portraits done was pretty much non-existent. Then came Susie! Susie is my friend Devon's girlfriend and is such an absolute joy to be around. There are certain spots around the University of Texas campus that all seniors take advantage of for photos, and we basically went to all of them! The photos below are just a few of my favorites: